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Which orders do you consider as customer intelligence generated sales?

All the orders which were created within 24 hours of clicking on the products shown in CI recommendation are considered as CI generated sales. Although we don't count the refunded orders.

Is Ci app GDPR compliant?

Yes, in adherence to GDPR, we don't store personal data of shoppers. We delete all the data related to your store 36 hours after the plugin is deactivated or uninstalled.

Will Ci app slow down my store?

No. You will not notice any change in your site's behaviour.

Just like any other analytics tracking code, we need small snippets to be inserted into your pages. Once inserted, user behaviour data in forms of page views, clicks and purchases start flowing to our system in the background. With this, our algorithm starts learning your visitors' tastes. In also injects html content when recommendation blocks are enabled. This snippet works in the background, imposing no effect on your page loading times or bounce rates.

What information is gathered in order to track users?

The system tracks relevant interactions of shoppers with products, namely views, add to carts, clicks and purchases, in real time.

Do you offer customization of the application?

Yes we do provide customizations for our widgets to match the design with your store’s design. If any additional customizations are required, we can evaluate it and tell you accordingly if it will be Free or paid service. It depends on the level of customization.

How often product catalogue is updated?

When you install the app then we sync all the products on your shop and then whenever shop owners insert, update or delete products, our app does the update accordingly in real time.

If I uninstall and then reinstall the app, I will get all my widgets & settings back?

if you un-install the app then we delete all your data from our app, if you decide to re-install then you will have to re-configure all the settings again

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