Add New Users

Welcome to the documentation on how to add a new user to your system. Adding users is a crucial administrative task that allows you to expand your system's user base and provide access to authorized individuals. Here are the steps to add a new user effectively:

4. Click on the 'NEW USER' button which will navigate you to the new user Screen

5. On the New User Screen, you will see fields to enter the following details:

6. Choose the appropriate user role from the available options. The available roles may include:

7. After verifying that all the user details are accurate, click the 'CREATE USER' button to finalize the user creation process.

Please keep in mind that only users with admin privileges will have access to the user overview page details. This ensures that user management responsibilities are limited to authorized personnel, maintaining security and control over user accounts.

By following these steps, you can efficiently add new users to the system, granting them the appropriate access levels and ensuring that they can seamlessly begin using the platform.


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