User Management

The User Management Screen is a powerful tool designed to empower administrators with comprehensive control over user access to active dashboards. This feature not only allows administrators to view a list of all users who have access to these dashboards but also provides them with the capabilities to fine-tune and manage user privileges, enhancing security and access control within the system.

Key Features:

This documentation page covers the following topics:

How to access User Management overview page?

Note: Please note that only admin user will be able to access the user overview page details.

User Management Overview page key features

The User Overview Page empowers administrators with essential capabilities to manage user access efficiently. Here are the key functions that can be performed on this page:

Note: Please be aware that access to the User Overview Page details is restricted to admin users only. Regular users do not have access to these administrative functions, ensuring that user management remains within the purview of authorized personnel.

The User Overview Page streamlines user access management, providing administrators with the tools they need to efficiently control access, monitor user details, and maintain a secure and organized system.


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