Update User Permissions

Welcome to the comprehensive user documentation on updating user permissions within our system. This guide is designed to empower administrators and authorized personnel with the knowledge and steps needed to efficiently manage and adjust user access levels. By updating user permissions, you can ensure that users have precisely the right level of access to perform their roles effectively, enhancing security and data integrity.

Please follow the following steps:

4. Use the search bar to find the specific user you wish to update the permissions for.

5. In the search results, identify the user and navigate to the "Action" column.

6. Under the "Action" column, click on the settings icon (represented as a gear or cogwheel).

7. From the dropdown menu that appears, select the "Edit access" option.

4. Operator will be navigated to the user detail overview page, Here, you can review the user's information, including their current permissions.

5. Under the "Accounts" section, locate the dropdown menu containing available role options. These roles are as follows:

6. Select the appropriate role that aligns with the user's responsibilities.

7. After selecting the new role, click on the 'UPDATE ACCESS' button to confirm the role update

8. A notification will promptly appear on the screen, confirming that the user's role has been successfully updated.


Still need help?

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