Crate New Campaign

The campaign creation workflow is split into 3 easy steps:

1) Configure Campaign Destination

The Destination step is purposefully designed to grant users the capability to choose the page(s) where they wish to display the recommendation widget. Follow these steps to configure the Campaign Destination:

By following these steps, you can effectively set up the destination for your campaign, ensuring that your recommendation widget appears precisely where you intend it to.

2) Configure Campaign Target

The Target interface plays a pivotal role in selecting the recommendation model for your specific campaign. Users also have the flexibility to narrow down recommendations to specific product collections, ensuring that the suggestions align with their preferences. In the example provided, we are focusing on Featured products that are currently on sale. Follow these steps to configure the Campaign Target:

By following these steps, you can precisely define the target for your campaign, selecting the right recommendation model and product collections to suit your campaign's objectives.

3) Configure Widget Design

This is the final step, where users can choose the design that best suits the page where they intend to showcase the recommendation widget. All widgets are mobile-responsive, and operators can preview how they will appear across various mobile devices by using the mobile toggle. Follow these steps to configure the widget design:

By following these steps, you can tailor the widget design to suit your page's needs and offer an optimal user experience for your visitors.



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