Widget Editor

The Widget Editor empowers operators to craft new widgets or replicate existing ones. This feature is purpose-built to grant our customers the autonomy to create their own customized widgets. dop widget designs that align with their design guideline

This documentation page cover the following topics:

How to create new widget


How to duplicate existing widget

Widget Detail Interface - Info Tab

The widget detail page is meticulously crafted to provide users with a comprehensive overview of both public and custom widgets. This page serves as a valuable resource for users seeking a deeper understanding of the widget's design and its integration with various campaigns. The detail page is thoughtfully divided into four sections:

This structured approach ensures that users can easily access the information they need to optimize their widget usage and campaign management.

Widget Detail Interface - Designer Tab

The widget detail page, also known as the Designer page, empowers users with the capability to modify the widget's configuration. This feature enables users to preview the HTML widget and make adjustments to both metadata and the HTML code used in the widget's development. Within this view, users will find three essential sub-pages:


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