The Product Explorer has been crafted to provide our valued customers with a comprehensive view of all their products. You can effortlessly dive deeper into the specifics of your product metadata, including quantities, variations, and more.

This documentation page encompasses the following topics:

Product Overview Interface

Key features of the Recommendation Overview Page include:

Product Detail Interface

The product details page has been meticulously designed to provide users with an all-encompassing insight into each product. This page is thoughtfully divided into three distinct sections:

Header: This section prominently displays the product's title, its status (whether it's active, in draft mode, or archived), and a concise product description.

Product Details: This section offers an extensive examination of the product being viewed, encompassing the following essential attributes:

Other Variants: This view provides an inventory of all the variants associated with the product under consideration. For each variant, operators can readily access information such as price, variant rank, and the available quantity.


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