Collections are groupings of products you can set up, to make it easier for your customers to browse all products within a certain category. For example, a fashion merchant might set up a collection of men's shirts. A home décor store could set up a collection of lamps.

There are mainly two types of collections:

Ci application is designed to use collections in two ways:

This documentation page cover the following topics:

How to use collections as Page Filter to configure campaign destination

The Ci application's campaign feature empowers users to choose precisely where their product recommendation widgets will shine. This destination selection typically corresponds to specific pages on your website, such as the homepage, checkout, or thank you page. The ingenious use of collections as page filters catapults your campaigns into a realm of laser-focused precision.

Let's dive into practical examples to illuminate how collections can supercharge your campaign strategy:

Use-case 1: Imagine a savvy marketing manager orchestrating a special promotion for the delightful kids' section on their website. They're eager to showcase tailored recommendations to anyone visiting the kids' collection page. Achieving this is a breeze—simply select the "Kids" page filter within the Collection settings, as beautifully depicted in the image above.

With the Ci application's campaign feature and the strategic application of collection-based page filters, you'll wield the tools needed to craft targeted, personalized, and effective campaigns that resonate with your audience.

How to use Filter to refine recommendation models

We provide users with the invaluable ability to incorporate specific product collections as filters for recommendation models, thereby enabling them to precisely target distinct groups of products. This feature is artfully designed to empower users, allowing them to deliver content that is not just relevant but profoundly aligned with their unique business strategies.

Let's illuminate this with practical scenarios:

Use-case 1: Picture a marketing manager gearing up for the Black Friday frenzy. They're eager to spotlight particular products on their homepage—items that are not only on sale but also boast a discount percentage exceeding 10%. The solution? Create a collection aptly named "Sale," as showcased above, and pair it with the "Featured Products" recommendation model. The outcome? A dynamic display of the most pertinent featured products that are on sale, all within the confines of that specialized product collection.

Use-case 2: Consider a business specializing in mobile devices and their accompanying accessories. Their goal is to enhance the user experience by suggesting related products on the product pages of these mobile devices. The magic happens when they employ the "Related Products" recommendation model and seamlessly integrate it with their "Mobile Accessories" product collection. The result? An array of product recommendations meticulously tailored to each mobile device, all elegantly presented on the respective product pages.

By harnessing the power of product collections, users can craft targeted, effective campaigns that seamlessly align with their business objectives, transforming their strategies into precision-guided success stories.

Collection Overview Interface

The Collection Overview Page serves as a comprehensive window into the organization and management of collections on the merchant's website. Here, users can effortlessly access and comprehend the entirety of their collections. The key features at your disposal include:

The Collection Overview Page equips users with the essential tools to efficiently manage and explore their collections, ultimately optimizing their workflow and productivity.

Collection Detail Interface

The Collection Details Page has been meticulously designed to provide users with an extensive understanding of each product collection. It offers valuable insights into the collection's type, its rules of composition, and its integration into active campaigns. This page is thoughtfully divided into four sections, each serving a distinct purpose:

By offering a holistic view of product collections, the Collection Details Page empowers users with the tools necessary to make informed decisions, streamline their campaigns, and optimize their online storefront.


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